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Unity Community Art Challenge


We are pleased to announce that Cinema Suite is sponsoring this months Unity Community Art Challenge!

Unity Technologies puts on this 3D art contest with a different theme and prizes every month. You make a diorama based on the theme, and 3 winners are chosen. Last month, the theme was “Thor’s Hammer.” People came up with some pretty cool stuff. The winner took home a Playmaker License and 1 Year of Sketchfab Pro and Cardboard VR.

This month, the theme is “The Bridge.” A bit more general, but I’m sure a lot of you will come up with cool stuff and we can’t wait to see it! Will yours be a sci-fi bridge? Or perhaps an old western train bridge? Its up to you!

This month’s prizes are as follows:

1st Place : The Cinema Suite ($150 Value) License and 1 Year of Sketchfab Pro and Cardboard VR
2nd Place: Cinema Mo Cap ($60 Value) License 1 Year of Sketchfab Pro
3rd Place:  Cinema Pro Cams ($50 Value) and 6 Months of Sketchfab Pro

The 1st place winner also gets a cool 3D printed award!

Have fun and good luck! Check it out here!