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Alone Without Her and Cinema Director

Introduction Hello my name is Tsuyoi Raion, I am the owner of Dizzy Media and creator of Alone Without Her. Over the past 9 years I have taught myself everything pertaining to game development, starting with 2D in my early days and moving into 3D over time. Funny enough I wasn’t always a game developer and I…

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Motion Capture for Unity just got better with Cinema Mocap 2

Microsoft Kinect

At Cinema Suite, we are strong believers that great technology should be available to everyone, especially when it comes to motion capture. Traditional studios and solutions are typically out of the price range of hobbyist developers and indie game developers. We have just released a major upgrade to our motion capture solution in the Unity…

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Cinema Mo Cap now supporting Kinect 2

It’s been a long road, countless hours of development and dancing around our office, but today we are very happy to announce the release of Cinema Mo Cap, now supporting the Kinect 2. Cinema Mo Cap for Kinect 2 – Available in the Unity Asset Store We want to give out a huge thank you…

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Cinema Mo Cap Competition Now Live!

Welcome to the Cinema Mo Cap Competition! Win an iPad Mini! Cinema Suite wants to see you put YOUR Unity Project in motion! Grab a license of Cinema Mo Cap, and show us what you’ve got. Do you have what it takes to land yourself a new iPad Mini? We are now officially collecting entries…

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Frequenty Asked Questions – Cinema Mo Cap

Greetings!  Since our launch of Cinema Mo Cap, the response in the community has been, quite simply, amazing.  We’ve had a huge outpouring of awesome comments, reviews, suggestions, etc. for Cinema Mo Cap.  We want to extend a very special thank you to all of you, for supporting Cinema Suite buy either purchasing Cinema Mo…

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Cinema Mo Cap Now Available!

We are pleased to announce the release of Cinema Mo Cap on the Unity asset store today! Cinema Mo Cap is a Unity3D extension that allows Unity users to quickly capture humanoid animations using their Microsoft Kinect. Take a look at some of the neat things you can do with Cinema Mo Cap on our YouTube…

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