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Mixed Reality Experiences With Microsoft Hololens

Fully unteathered holographic headset that redefines the way you do business.

Explore the Microsoft Hololens

Business all over the world are using the Microsoft Hololens in unique and creative ways to solve critical business issues, as well as assist in business development and training.

Thyssenkrupp uses the Hololens to assist in maintenance of elevator systems. This example shows the full capability of the Microsoft Hololens, including holograms, live video, spacial mapping of the environment, and even Skype calling and recording.

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A picture of the Microsoft Hololens at the Cinema Suite office.

What is Hololens?

  • A headset that allows you to always see your existing environment, making it a more natural way to interact with interactive content and people.
  • Self-contained holographic computer that doesn't require wires or tethers. Wear anywhere, go anywhere with no limits.
  • Creates holograms from 3D models that can interact and enhance the real world.
  • Spacial audio allows you to hear exactly where objects are located. Adding depth & immersion to your interactive experience.
  • Sensors and camera that constantly scan your environment. Integrate holograms with walls, tables, furniture and other objects.

Accelerate Your Business with Hololens

  • Provide interactive training without being in a dangerous environment
  • Marketing and sales experiences for trade shows. Product to big to ship or setup? View and interact with your product as a hologram as if it was in the room with you. Allow your customers to see your product that you couldn't normally show do to size or weight.
  • Mixed Reality and Shared Experiences allow multiple people to view the same product or process at the same time. Perfect for collaboration between engineers, customers, prospects and your sales team.
  • Integrate CAD data with your existing environment. Perfect for prototyping retrofits, assisting service technicians and integrating with as-built environments.
A visualization of what it's like to use the Microsoft Hololens.

Interested in a Holographic Experience?

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