Mouse Tracking with Stereoscopic Side by Side method?

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Mouse Tracking with Stereoscopic Side by Side method?

Postby witurzaeta » Mon Apr 10, 2017 1:00 pm

I set up my camera to be stereoscopic with the side by side method. What I notice is that it does not track the mouse correctly. What is the best way to correctly scale the mouse position so that when using the Side By Side method, the mouse is in the correct location? The mouse seems to be tracking world space and the side by side image does not align.

For example, when the mouse is in the center of the side by side window, it is visually on the right edge of the left eye and the left edge of the right eye.

Currently, I am limited to using the side by side method because I am connecting to a 3D projector that only accepts this video input.

Thank you.
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Re: Mouse Tracking with Stereoscopic Side by Side method?

Postby DanoG » Wed Apr 12, 2017 10:43 am

Thanks for using our product!

What kind of content are you feeding through Pro Cams, is it live video, or something else?

Are you able to share a video (Side by side is fine) of what is happening so we can try and re-create. This is the first issue we receive about mouse tracking, so we definitely want to see if we can help.


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