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Cinema Mo Cap now supporting Kinect 2

Markerless Motion Capture for Unity

It’s been a long road, countless hours of development and dancing around our office, but today we are very happy to announce the release of Cinema Mo Cap, now supporting the Kinect 2.

Cinema Mo Cap for Kinect 2 – Available in the Unity Asset Store

We want to give out a huge thank you to the entire community, who has been patiently waiting for this release through one of the toughest challenges we have had. The groundwork we have laid in getting Kinect 2 supported, now opens up many new opportunities for the product, that you will see in the coming weeks and months. We will be developing a road map that we will continue to share with everyone on our forums, so stay tuned! In the meantime, Mitch took the time to put together a great FAQ video, answering some of your most common questions. Check it out!

Don’t you think it’s time to get things moving in your Unity Project? 😉