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Cinema Face Cap RELEASED!

Facial Capture For Unity

All of us here at Cinema Suite are happy to announce the release of our newest product, Cinema Face Cap, facial capture for Unity!

Facial Capture Features Include:

Cinema Face Cap uses the Microsoft Kinect 2 to capture up to 20 facial blend shape animations for use inside of the Unity 3D game engine. Some features include:

  • Supports 20 blendshape facial animations using Kinect 2.
  • Live Preview allows you to see your animation being created.
  • Use our Output Wizard to animate your own custom models and see them preview live during capture.
  • Blendshape mapping system refines control of your model.
  • Adjust blendshape values to exaggerate facial movement.
  • Animation unit masking allows you to capture only the facial features you want.
  • Save facial capture sessions and review captured animations for fine tuning and adjustment.

Want to learn more? Visit our Cinema Face Cap page, or purchase in the Unity Asset Store!

Want to learn how to use Cinema Face Cap? Check out our YouTube Tutorial!