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Cinema Director and Klonk Games | Shift Happens

Nothing feels better than when your customers feature you in their project. This happened recently with the team over at Klonk Games during the development of their latest game Shift Happens. They were so happy with the results, that they contacted us to show us a video that they made showing Cinema Director in action.

Nora Hannemann is the main artist over at Klonk Games, and is responsible for handling their animations, cutscenes and anything else involving the overall look and feel of the game. Here is what she said about her experience with Cinema Director:

“Besides saving time, Cinema Director has given us more possibilities for the creation of our trailer and cutscenes. For instance we had only created in-game footage trailers so far because we had neither the time nor the resources to do anything more than that. Thanks to Cinema Director we could add some cool cinematics which show off our characters much better than before. We saved time in addition to that by not having to create any extra animations. Using the right timing and camera movement made the scene work nonetheless. No need for extra animators or player prefabs as well. Considering everything it probably saved us about a week on the trailer, especially after the usability update that introduced box select! What I think really saves a lot of trouble is that I can work completely on my own for most of the time. I use Unity on my own but I have absolutely no idea about coding. If it weren’t for Cinema Suite we’d need a lot more scripting etc. and I couldn’t work as independently as I do now, so more resources would be needed.”

We’d like to extend a huge thanks to Nora and the entire Klonk games team for using our technology to help them with the creation of the game. Want to get a copy of the game for yourself? Check out their website –