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Natural looking cinematic motion blur for your Unity project

Motion Blur for Unity

What is motion blur? Motion blur is a visual artifact in which fast moving object in an image appear to be streaked, or blurred. To someone starting out in motion graphics, something like motion blur can easily be overlooked despite the fact that it makes a big difference in delivering a natural looking end product.…

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How to make your Unity project look like it was shot on film

The Film Look

Achieving the “Film Look” in Unity Director Bot is back with a new episode of Unity Tips! In this one, we examine the “Film Look.” People tend to prefer the look of analog film photography over the look of clean cut digital, for reasons unimaginable to non-organic life forms like Director Bot. But, he is…

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The many definitions of Dynamic Range/HDR: Explained!

Dynamic Range Example

People tend to think the “resolution” of an image directly relates to its quality. This is not entirely true, as there are many other factors besides resolution to consider. “Dynamic Range” is an important one. It’s is a term I’ve seen thrown around a lot lately. HDR (High Dynamic Range) seems to be one of…

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The 180 Degree Rule and how it relates to video games

filmmaking techniques unity

Director Bot is back with an all new episode of Unity Tips, where he talks about another filmmaking technique: The 180 Degree Rule! Many may overlook the importance of cinematography in video games. Sometimes, if proper techniques aren’t followed, the audience may not feel as immersed as they should be, and can even stop playing…

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Installing Kinect SDK on Windows 8 and 8.1

Hello everyone, Lately we’ve gotten a few users who are having trouble getting their Kinect working in Windows 8 and 8.1. The main reason for this, is that Microsoft has become more strict about driver signatures and how drivers are installed in Windows 8. Since the release of the new Kinect v2, Microsoft would rather…

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How to set a Custom Unity Fullscreen Resolution

We recently had a user of one of our Unity extension products, Cinema Pro Cams, ask how to set a Unity Fullscreen Resolution when you build a game? Here is the forum article for those interested – Unity Fullscreen Resolution for Mac & Windows After doing a bit of searching, I have found an answer that works for both Mac…

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Magic effects in Unity!

Hey everyone! Director Bot is back with an all new episode of Unity Tips! This time, he shows you how to make some cool magic effects, and gives you a free asset containing a pack of them. Check it out:

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Invisible shadow casting objects in Unity!

Yesterday, in the middle of the Cinema Director 24 hour sale, we launched our third Unity Tips video! This one is about allowing you to create invisible shadow casters. As in something that renders it’s shadow, but not itself. This can have tonnes of creative uses! If you duplicate an object, and apply the invisible…

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How to make a Cutscene in Unity

How to make a cutscene in Unity? With the release of Cinema Director, our Unity extension for creating cinematic content, of course I would now recommend it as the best solution.   But what did people do before there was a definitive cutscene editor for Unity? Well, you have to tell your story somehow. One…

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