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Cinema Mo Cap

Unity is now FREE for qualifying Academic Institutions at all levels

Unity FREE for educational institutions

In March of 2015 Unity announced that their video game design software would be made free to primary and secondary academic institutions across the world.  Since then over 77,000 licenses have been granted and over 300,000 new students have had the opportunity to explore the possibilities of Unity. In a recent blog post and in…

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The 5 Best Uses for Unity (Besides Game Development)

Animation Unity

Alternate Uses for Unity We usually think of Unity as a game engine, a collection of tools for making video games; we all know it’s good at doing that job. But, its use shouldn’t be exclusive to making games, there are many other uses for Unity. Unity is a powerful multimedia tool capable of deploying…

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Motion Capture for Unity just got better with Cinema Mocap 2

Microsoft Kinect

At Cinema Suite, we are strong believers that great technology should be available to everyone, especially when it comes to motion capture. Traditional studios and solutions are typically out of the price range of hobbyist developers and indie game developers. We have just released a major upgrade to our motion capture solution in the Unity…

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Watch a Supercut video of all the Visual Effects Oscar Winners

Visual Effects Oscar Winners

At Cinema Suite our goal is to provide affordable Cinematic Visual Effects software solutions and services to Game Designers and Independent Filmmakers. So naturally being VFX film fans and with the Oscars being on this Sunday we are interested to see which film will win for Best Visual Effects? Do you remember who won last year, or the year before…

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Big Things for Cinema Mocap

Educational software For Unity

Good news if you’re a fan of Cinema Mocap for Unity. There are some some awesome developments going on with it. If you’ve been following us on Vine, you’d have seen the little teasers we’ve been giving you guys. One of the most requested features of all time for Cinema Mocap is support for multiple Kinect…

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Cinema Mo Cap now supporting Kinect 2

It’s been a long road, countless hours of development and dancing around our office, but today we are very happy to announce the release of Cinema Mo Cap, now supporting the Kinect 2. Cinema Mo Cap for Kinect 2 – Available in the Unity Asset Store We want to give out a huge thank you…

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Installing Kinect SDK on Windows 8 and 8.1

Hello everyone, Lately we’ve gotten a few users who are having trouble getting their Kinect working in Windows 8 and 8.1. The main reason for this, is that Microsoft has become more strict about driver signatures and how drivers are installed in Windows 8. Since the release of the new Kinect v2, Microsoft would rather…

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Kinect 2 for everybody!

Up until recently, Microsoft has officially said that the Kinect that came bundled with the Xbox One would not be compatible with Windows. This all changed yesterday, when Microsoft announced that they would be shipping a $50 adapter that allows you to use your Xbox One Kinect just as you would a Kinect for Windows v2.…

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Invisible shadow casting objects in Unity!

Yesterday, in the middle of the Cinema Director 24 hour sale, we launched our third Unity Tips video! This one is about allowing you to create invisible shadow casters. As in something that renders it’s shadow, but not itself. This can have tonnes of creative uses! If you duplicate an object, and apply the invisible…

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Cinema Mo Cap and Kickstarter – HomeMake!

Last week we were pleasantly surprised to get a tweet from new game development Team Franklin Cosgrove & Archgame (Cory and Matt), thanking us for how awesome Cinema Mo Cap was. It is always great to hear from the people using our software, and it makes us feel great to know our products are helping them…

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