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LUTs in Unity Pro

By Mitch Theriault | Apr 11, 2014

We’ve been experimenting with some of the Image Effects available to Unity Pro users. One in particular caught my eye: “Color Correction Lookup Texture.” It’s a post processing effect that can be used to grade your Unity project like you would a film, and you can get some really cool results with it. The image…

Cinema Mo Cat

By Mitch Theriault | Apr 3, 2014

Earlier this week we pulled a bit of an April Fools prank on the community. It all started with one question our developers were asked during the development of Cinema Mo Cap: “Does it work with cats?” Making this video was a tonne of fun. We gathered up some kitties and got plenty of adorable…

Cinema Mo Cap Competition Now Live!

By Dan Gamsby | Mar 24, 2014

Welcome to the Cinema Mo Cap Competition! Win an iPad Mini! Cinema Suite wants to see you put YOUR Unity Project in motion! Grab a license of Cinema Mo Cap, and show us what you’ve got. Do you have what it takes to land yourself a new iPad Mini? We are now officially collecting entries…

Cinema Pro Cams Launch!

By Mitch Theriault | Mar 13, 2014

Cinema Pro Cams is now available on the Unity Asset Store! Cinema Pro Cams is a professional grade camera and lens tool kit made for Unity 3D. Wether you’re a game designer, film maker, or machinima artist, Cinema Pro Cams is for you. We took an industry standard lens kit (Cooke t4/i, 12-180mm), and captured all…

Frequenty Asked Questions – Cinema Mo Cap

By Dan Gamsby | Jan 7, 2014

Greetings!  Since our launch of Cinema Mo Cap, the response in the community has been, quite simply, amazing.  We’ve had a huge outpouring of awesome comments, reviews, suggestions, etc. for Cinema Mo Cap.  We want to extend a very special thank you to all of you, for supporting Cinema Suite buy either purchasing Cinema Mo…

Cinema Mo Cap Now Available!

By CinemaSuite | Nov 12, 2013

We are pleased to announce the release of Cinema Mo Cap on the Unity asset store today! Cinema Mo Cap is a Unity3D extension that allows Unity users to quickly capture humanoid animations using their Microsoft Kinect. Take a look at some of the neat things you can do with Cinema Mo Cap on our YouTube…

Cinema Suite Inc. and Every1Games – Beta Event with a Twist!

By CinemaSuite | Jun 5, 2013

Cinema Suite Inc. has been working on developing tools for Indie game developers and film professionals. A software extension of the game software engine, Unity3D, Cinema Director will allow game developers to create awesome, cinematic cut scenes for their games quickly and easily, as well as sequence events during game run-time.  Film professionals and hobbyists will…

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