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Photo-realistic Renderings

Photo-realistic Renderings of your Product or Idea

By Dan Gamsby | Feb 7, 2016

Cinema Suite can provide photo-realistic renderings of your product for sales, training and marketing purposes. Using your existing 3D CAD data we can create marketing collateral to promote your product, process or design. Renderings can be used for tradeshow displays,  magazines, instruction manuals, or animations and marketing videos for desktop and mobile devices. For this example our customer, Tivitas Interactive, asked us to…

Kickstarter Video Recording

Kickstarter Video Production Service

By Rod Mackay | Feb 7, 2016

Kickstarter is currently the best place to get funding for your independent, creative project. Whether you are an entrepreneur or an independent artist trying to fund a brand new game, consumer product, film, or music — what you need most is an amazing Kickstarter video that will help sell your business idea to potential backers, your audience, and future customers. Why do…

3D Animated Product Video for a Haptic Device

3D Animated Product Video for Tivitas Interactive

By Dan Gamsby | Jan 31, 2016

Our customer, Tivitas Interactive, required a 3D animated product video to explain the features of their new haptic feedback device being incorporated into their video game control device, known as RealityLink. The RealityLink ViviTouch™ HD haptic feedback brings virtual reality to life, reacting 4x faster than a motor to provide a diverse range of feedback and create a…

Homeworld Deserts of Kharak

Homeworld: Deserts of Kharak – Customer Story

By Dan Gamsby | Jan 28, 2016

Homeworld Deserts of Kharak – Powered by Cinema Suite Over the past couple of years Cinema Suite was working on a top secret project with Blackbird Interactive. While we were still in alpha development using Unity 4, BBI approached us about using our technology in their new project, Homeworld: Shipbreakers. Since changed to Homeworld Deserts…

Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes developed with Cinema Director

Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes developed with Cinema Director

By Dan Gamsby | Jan 24, 2016

The FORCE IS STRONG with Cinema Director. EA: Capital Games used Cinema Director for development of Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes in Unity. Watch the Trailer below: Cinema Director is the perfect tool for mobile game development. We have optimized the software to have minimal to no impact on mobile builds, but still give the full…

Cinema Director and Klonk Games | Shift Happens

By Dan Gamsby | Jan 23, 2016

Nothing feels better than when your customers feature you in their project. This happened recently with the team over at Klonk Games during the development of their latest game Shift Happens. They were so happy with the results, that they contacted us to show us a video that they made showing Cinema Director in action.…

Unity for Architecture

Unity: Architectural Visualization | Not just for game developers

By Dan Gamsby | Jan 22, 2016

When we think of the Unity3D game engine, the first thought that naturally comes to our mind, is that it is used for creating video games. Of course, this is true with almost 60% of all mobile games being developed with Unity, as well as 1000s of games for PC’s and other platforms. However, there…

Unity Glitch Effect

How to do a glitch effect in Unity

By Mitch Theriault | Dec 1, 2015

In case you missed this episode of Unity Tips, in this one Director Bot shows you how to add some cool glitch effects to your cameras in Unity. Check it out! Greetings humanoid Unity user. I am Director Bot. The most aw—s— directing robot e— cr—d——— I have a really cool thing to show you…

Cinema Director

Cinema Director Tutorial Series… redone!

By Mitch Theriault | Nov 27, 2015

I went back and re-recorded all of the Cinema Director tutorials to be up to date with the changes we’ve made to Cinema Director over the past year. Give them a watch! If you’re unfamiliar with what Cinema Director is, it’s an awesome timeline editor for Unity that we develop here at Cinema Suite. If…

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