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Passengers Movie uses Cinema Director

By Dan Gamsby | Feb 17, 2017

Passengers Movie When we think of Unity, many of us tend to think about making games first. However, as we know, Unity can be used to create all sorts of interactive experiences for media, businesses and entertainment. Such is true with the hit Passengers movie that was released in December. Passengers is a sci-fi movie…

Motion Blur for Unity

Natural looking cinematic motion blur for your Unity project

By Mitch Theriault | Nov 17, 2016

What is motion blur? Motion blur is a visual artifact in which fast moving object in an image appear to be streaked, or blurred. To someone starting out in motion graphics, something like motion blur can easily be overlooked despite the fact that it makes a big difference in delivering a natural looking end product.…

Unity FREE for educational institutions

Unity is now FREE for qualifying Academic Institutions at all levels

By CinemaSuite | Nov 11, 2016

In March of 2015 Unity announced that their video game design software would be made free to primary and secondary academic institutions across the world.  Since then over 77,000 licenses have been granted and over 300,000 new students have had the opportunity to explore the possibilities of Unity. In a recent blog post and in…

Alone Without Her and Cinema Director

By Tsuyoi Raion | Sep 2, 2016

Introduction Hello my name is Tsuyoi Raion, I am the owner of Dizzy Media and creator of Alone Without Her. Over the past 9 years I have taught myself everything pertaining to game development, starting with 2D in my early days and moving into 3D over time. Funny enough I wasn’t always a game developer and I…

The Film Look

How to make your Unity project look like it was shot on film

By Mitch Theriault | Aug 4, 2016

Achieving the “Film Look” in Unity Director Bot is back with a new episode of Unity Tips! In this one, we examine the “Film Look.” People tend to prefer the look of analog film photography over the look of clean cut digital, for reasons unimaginable to non-organic life forms like Director Bot. But, he is…

Recore Game - Microsoft Studios

ReCore by Microsoft Studios – Powered by Cinema Director

By Dan Gamsby | Jul 5, 2016

ReCore Game Microsoft Studios ReCore Game was announced at E3 recently with much fanfare. You play the role of Joule Adams, a young survivor of a terrible cataclysm who journeys from Earth to the desert world, “Far Eden” to build mankind’s new home. The game is set to release later in 2016, and is a successor to Metroid…

Facial Capture For Unity

Cinema Face Cap RELEASED!

By Dan Gamsby | Jun 22, 2016

All of us here at Cinema Suite are happy to announce the release of our newest product, Cinema Face Cap, facial capture for Unity! Facial Capture Features Include: Cinema Face Cap uses the Microsoft Kinect 2 to capture up to 20 facial blend shape animations for use inside of the Unity 3D game engine. Some…

game made with unity for charity

321 – Game developed entirely for charity and made with Unity

By David Franco | Apr 26, 2016

Three: Twenty One, also called 321, is an independent single-player adventure game made with Unity, and under development by small team of gaming industry veterans and volunteers. The game is expected to be released by mid-to-late 2016 on Steam and other DRM-free platforms. The game is being developed to bring awareness to Winston’s Wish, a UK-based charity that supports bereaved children.…

Animation Unity

The 5 Best Uses for Unity (Besides Game Development)

By Mitch Theriault | Apr 12, 2016

Alternate Uses for Unity We usually think of Unity as a game engine, a collection of tools for making video games; we all know it’s good at doing that job. But, its use shouldn’t be exclusive to making games, there are many other uses for Unity. Unity is a powerful multimedia tool capable of deploying…

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