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The difference between virtual reality and mixed reality

Virtual Reality

​Virtual Reality and Mixed Reality are two similar but distinctly different cutting edge technologies. It’s not uncommon that both Mixed Reality and Virtual Reality are mentioned in the same sentence. Silicon Valley tech giants like Facebook and Microsoft are heavily investing in both technologies. Facebook bought Virtual Reality startup company Oculus in 2014 before they even released their…

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Natural looking cinematic motion blur for your Unity project

Motion Blur for Unity

What is motion blur? Motion blur is a visual artifact in which fast moving object in an image appear to be streaked, or blurred. To someone starting out in motion graphics, something like motion blur can easily be overlooked despite the fact that it makes a big difference in delivering a natural looking end product.…

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How to make your Unity project look like it was shot on film

The Film Look

Achieving the “Film Look” in Unity Director Bot is back with a new episode of Unity Tips! In this one, we examine the “Film Look.” People tend to prefer the look of analog film photography over the look of clean cut digital, for reasons unimaginable to non-organic life forms like Director Bot. But, he is…

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The 5 Best Uses for Unity (Besides Game Development)

Animation Unity

Alternate Uses for Unity We usually think of Unity as a game engine, a collection of tools for making video games; we all know it’s good at doing that job. But, its use shouldn’t be exclusive to making games, there are many other uses for Unity. Unity is a powerful multimedia tool capable of deploying…

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The many definitions of Dynamic Range/HDR: Explained!

Dynamic Range Example

People tend to think the “resolution” of an image directly relates to its quality. This is not entirely true, as there are many other factors besides resolution to consider. “Dynamic Range” is an important one. It’s is a term I’ve seen thrown around a lot lately. HDR (High Dynamic Range) seems to be one of…

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How to do a glitch effect in Unity

Unity Glitch Effect

In case you missed this episode of Unity Tips, in this one Director Bot shows you how to add some cool glitch effects to your cameras in Unity. Check it out! Greetings humanoid Unity user. I am Director Bot. The most aw—s— directing robot e— cr—d——— I have a really cool thing to show you…

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Cinema Director Tutorial Series… redone!

Cinema Director

I went back and re-recorded all of the Cinema Director tutorials to be up to date with the changes we’ve made to Cinema Director over the past year. Give them a watch! If you’re unfamiliar with what Cinema Director is, it’s an awesome timeline editor for Unity that we develop here at Cinema Suite. If…

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The 180 Degree Rule and how it relates to video games

filmmaking techniques unity

Director Bot is back with an all new episode of Unity Tips, where he talks about another filmmaking technique: The 180 Degree Rule! Many may overlook the importance of cinematography in video games. Sometimes, if proper techniques aren’t followed, the audience may not feel as immersed as they should be, and can even stop playing…

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Big Things for Cinema Mocap

Educational software For Unity

Good news if you’re a fan of Cinema Mocap for Unity. There are some some awesome developments going on with it. If you’ve been following us on Vine, you’d have seen the little teasers we’ve been giving you guys. One of the most requested features of all time for Cinema Mocap is support for multiple Kinect…

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Unity Community Art Challenge

We are pleased to announce that Cinema Suite is sponsoring this months Unity Community Art Challenge! Unity Technologies puts on this 3D art contest with a different theme and prizes every month. You make a diorama based on the theme, and 3 winners are chosen. Last month, the theme was “Thor’s Hammer.” People came up…

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