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Candy Coaster – Our Cinema Themes Story

By Team Timeloop – Guest Blogger and Candy Coaster Developer Candy Coaster – The twists and turns in life is what makes it worth living. Experience this excitement and amazement through a roller coaster ride in a fantasy world full of cakes, candies and ice-creams. Mouth-watering candy sticks and lollipops simply enhance the sweetness of…

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Unity is now FREE for qualifying Academic Institutions at all levels

Unity FREE for educational institutions

In March of 2015 Unity announced that their video game design software would be made free to primary and secondary academic institutions across the world.  Since then over 77,000 licenses have been granted and over 300,000 new students have had the opportunity to explore the possibilities of Unity. In a recent blog post and in…

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Contact Us – Education

Educational software For Unity

Would you like more information about the educational software we offer? If you would like more information in regards to educational pricing, site licensing or subscription please fill out the form below. Looking for site licensing for larger commercial studios? We can help.

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Contact Us!

Contact Us

Would you like more information about the digital media services we offer? Questions about our software? Questions about Cinema Suite in general? Please complete the form below, and we will get in touch with you shortly.

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Cinema Mo Cap Now Available!

We are pleased to announce the release of Cinema Mo Cap on the Unity asset store today! Cinema Mo Cap is a Unity3D extension that allows Unity users to quickly capture humanoid animations using their Microsoft Kinect. Take a look at some of the neat things you can do with Cinema Mo Cap on our YouTube…

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Cinema Suite Inc. and Every1Games – Beta Event with a Twist!

Cinema Suite Inc. has been working on developing tools for Indie game developers and film professionals. A software extension of the game software engine, Unity3D, Cinema Director will allow game developers to create awesome, cinematic cut scenes for their games quickly and easily, as well as sequence events during game run-time.  Film professionals and hobbyists will…

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