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Educational software For Unity

Cinema Suite allows students to become more productive with Unity using our software in the classroom. See how.

Cinema Suite in the Classroom

The University of Wisconsin - STOUT chose Cinema Suite educational software for Unity as part of their animation, game development and filmmaking programs. Utilizing our Cinema Director, Cinema Pro Cams and Cinema Mocap software across multiple courses allowed students to collaborate in a unique and very successful way.

"The students used Cinema Director to create cinematic cuts scenes and pre-visualizations as part of a large transmedia project. The cutting edge project, Imagining ZORK, along with our collaboration with the development team at Cinema Suite has lead to national attention for our program."

- Kevin Poutini - Program Director, Digital Cinema, University of Wisconsin-STOUT


Cinema Suite for Educators Includes

Five essential tools that help students productivity and learning:

Cinema Director

Timeline Editor & Sequencer

Introduce your class to a powerful yet familiar sequencing tool for timeline and events management. Students can create dynamic cutscenes,  animated shorts, cutscenes for games and film prototypes inside of Unity, all without the need of complex scripting or coding!

Cinema Face Cap and Mocap

Merkerless Motion Capture

Students can grab a Microsoft Kinect and easily setup and configure markerless motion capture sessions. Record facial and body animations inside of Unity for use with their characters.

Cinema Pro Cams

Camera and Lens Toolkit

Students can learn how camera and lens technology works with a virtual, industry standard prime lens kit offering stereoscopic support. Capture film quality camera shots inside of Unity and sequence shots using our timeline editor.

Cinema Themes

Special Effects Filters

A visual extension which enables students to quickly and easily add a realistic mood and feel to their project. Cinema Themes offers over 60 filters that can quickly be added to a Unity project and previewed with our browser window.

“The students started seeing in real time how moving the camera, choosing lenses, editing motion, and shot timing changed the way they could tell their stories."

—  University of Central Arkensas

“Working with Cinema Suite allowed us to facilitate a unique cross-course project between our game design and cinema/film students as part of transmedia projects."

— University of Wisconsin STOUT

“The Cinema Suite software has sped up the process of real-time filmmaking for games by light-years! It is an essential product for our students and every game developer.”

— George Brown College, Toronto, ON

Perfect Companion in the Classroom

For courses such as...

Cinema Mocap Unity


Combined with the Microsoft Kinect or Kinect 2, our products Cinema Mocap and Cinema Face Cap provide the perfect tool for students starting out with Animation. An excellent tool to help students learn motion capture terminology and technology without the need for expensive studio space and equipment

Students can use Cinema Director with Unity to prototype final animations and plan out movements in a timeline similar to popular video editing software.

VR & Animation

Educational software For Unity

Filmmaking and Photography

Our virtual camera package, Cinema Pro Cams, was created based on real-world testing. An industry standard lens kit allows students to see visual representation of how different sized lenses react when switched on the camera.

Learning about camera technology can be difficult at times using real equipment. Cinema Pro Cams shows visual representations of Depth of Field, Focal Point and Stereoscopic settings and more, with metric or imperial measurements. Combine with Cinema Director's timeline editor to plan out complex camera movements and shots with ease!

Film Production
Educational software For Unity

Game Development and Cinematics

Game Development can be daunting to students who are just starting to use Unity for the first time. Not all students can become strong programmers and semesters are a short.

Cinema Director provides an easy to use, easy to learn platform for students of all backgrounds (such as artists, animators or musicians) to become powerful studies of Unity with our timeline editor. No need for extensive scripting or programming. Just drag and drop and time out powerful cinematic sequences and effects for their project portfolio.

Game Production and Design

Site Licensing Options

We offer flexible site license options to accommodate all institution and classroom sizes from small to large. 

The Cinema Suite for Educators is available with additional subscription for all licensing to keep software current with all updates and upgrades. Need a solution more specific to your needs? We offer custom licensing solutions as well. Contact Us for more information.

Educational software For Unity

Active licensing includes

Access to all of our software, including Cinema Director, Cinema Mocap, Cinema Face Cap, Cinema Pro Cams, and Cinema Themes.

Being on subscription offers these additional benefits:

 Email Support for faculty and staff
  Instructor training session
 Free software updates and upgrades
Dedicated support forum for students
  Early access to beta software
Kickstart Unity with Cinema Suite in the Classroom