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Digital Media Services

Cinema Suite can help you tell the perfect story about your business with high impact interactive experiences, including Microsoft Hololens, AR & VR, 3D animations and film.

Tell Your Story

Get the help you need to market your business or products with the latest techniques and technologies in digital storytelling.

Watch the video to see examples of our digital media services including mixed reality with Microsoft Hololens, VR, Film and Corporate Branding 

Microsoft Hololens for Business

Microsoft Hololens

Business all over the world are using the Microsoft Hololens in unique and creative ways to solve critical business issues, as well as assist in business development and training.

Cinema Suite can create amazing mixed reality experiences using existing 3D models, including CAD data to allow businesses to view their product as holograms in their real-world environment.

Perfect for collaboration, design review, sales/marketing, simulation and training.

3D Product Animations

Cinema Suite will work with your existing CAD data to create engaging videos that demonstrate the capabilities of your product, idea or design. We work with a combination of editing software and video game technology to bring products to life.

Perfect for trade shows, engaging investors, potential customers, and creating a marketing presence on social media.

Marketing & Branding

Cinema Suite offers branding and marketing services for many different purposes, including Kickstarter.

We can include a mix of live interviews, 3D product animations, visual effects, animation of customer logo and corporate or product messaging.

Perfect for investor pitches, tradeshows and crowdfunding campaigns.

Featured Works

Check out some of our Digital Media Services past projects

Inertia Engineering + Design

Branding Video

Inertia Engineering + Design, Inc. is a leading supplier of fast-tracked, streamlined product design and engineering services to the automotive, motorsports, and related manufacturing industries.

Inertia hired Cinema Suite to tell their business story with a short video that conveyed who they are and the services they provide.

Marketing & Branding

Film Production

Quadro Engineering

Virtual Product Tour

Quadro approached Cinema Suite to create a 3D animation explaining how their SLS milling solution product operates, with a focus on features.

We created a photo-realistic representation of their product using SolidWorks CAD data, following a script developed by Quadro's sales and marketing department to educate their customers and prospects on the main features of their product.

VR & Animation

Film Production

The Cherry - By Somato Inc.

Product Demonstration

Somato is an R&D company specializing in the concept of translating sound into meaningful vibrations, revealing the third component in the audio-visual-tactile media experience

Somato are in the process of prototyping &  introducing a new product and required a demonstration video to explain the concept.

Marketing & Branding

VR & Animation

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