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Cinema Director

Tell your story with Cinema Director, a must have companion to the Unity Game Engine

Cinema Director is a modular timeline editor for Unity. It enables game developers, film professionals and machinima gurus to control, sequence and manipulate almost any Unity game object and its associated properties, allowing for dynamic cutscenes and in-game sequencing, all without the need for scripting or programming.

A bowl full of awesome
cinematic goodness!

Some features include:

  • Shot tracks that allow control of camera cuts.
  • Audio tracks that make editing Audio in Unity quick and easy.
  • An extendable Actions library, containing over 60 actions, that allow triggering of transitions, animations (Legacy/Mecanim), physics and much more.
  • Live Timeline Scrubbing and Previewing allows you to make fine adjustments to your project without having to run unity in play mode. (Mecanim animations and physics events require play mode to preview).
  • Advanced Curve Editing for manipulating properties over time.
  • Actor and Multi-Actor grouping to keep your sequence organized.
  • Themes that change the look and feel of your scene with themes such as horror, noire, dream sequence and more.
  • Open source run-time code. You won’t ship anything to your end users that you aren’t aware of.
  • Extend the Director control by adding your own tracks, timeline objects and associated controls with little effort.
  • Easily create storyboards for your project.
  • Many more awesome features that a creative mind will love!

What we want for our Users:

  • Share your project’s story and atmosphere without restriction through the use of an intuitive visual timeline editor.
  • The ability to easily create cutscenes to show off your project and help you be successful in your Kickstarter, Steam Greenlight and other marketing campaigns.
  • Re-factor and re-organize your cutscenes without strain. Authoring great cutscenes requires a lot of time and editing, you shouldn’t have to pre-plan how everything will play out.
  • Access to a library of actions and events that cover a range of cutscene requirements. Awesome results without programming.
  • The ability to extend the software extension to meet your own game’s needs (open source).
  • Access to a tool similar to Unreal’s Matinee and Source Filmmaker for Unity.

Here at Cinema Suite Inc., we love Unity and we operate with a simple formula:

Cinema Mo Cap + Unity =

Cinema Mo Cap

Cinema Mo Cap, is the perfect, cost effective Motion Capture tool for Game Developers and Machinima movie makers using the Unity game engine for their creative projects.

Available Now!

Cinema Pro Cams

Cinema Pro Cams is the perfect professional grade camera and lens toolkit for the Unity game engine. We’ve worked with film industry researchers to provide technology that allows you to implement lenses and effects which comply to real-world cinematic film standards. Cinema Pro Cams gives you, the game developer, film professional or machinima hobbyist using Unity, that true Cinematic look and feel that you demand, and that your audience is looking for.

Professional 2D/3D Visuals
For Unity

Some Features Include:

  • Industry Standard Cooke Prime Lens Kit (12mm to 180mm). Researched and calculated to run inside of Unity
  • Accurate real-world Nodal Point Offset calculations to lens selection.
  • Industry Standard aspect ratio selection. Select from aspects such as full, 16:9 digital, Academy and Anamorphic.
  • Aperture (F-Stop) settings and its effect on camera image. F-Stop values calculated to actual real-world lens behavior.
  • Near and Far Depth (DOF) automatic calculations depending on focal distance to subject, lens selection and Aperture.
  • 3D Stereoscopic camera support including industry standard rigs such as Tango3D and 3ality rigs. Industry standard output modes including standard and reversed interlaced, side by side and anaglyph.
  • Live, dynamic camera preview during camera creation and editing. See exactly what you will be capturing, including image effects, aperture and aspect, anytime, anywhere.
  • Steady Cam movement and settings for camera motion during run-time. Control natural camera movements from subtle breathing to explosions, and anywhere in between depending on the feel and mood of your project.

Cinema Director is here!

Director Timeline

Cinema Director Timeline

After over two crazy years of development, Cinema Director is now available for purchase on the Unity Asset Store! It has been a very long journey with many highs, some lows, and lots of in between. It’s always a challenge juggling our internal deadlines, requests from our community, alpha/beta software testers, and our early pre-release partners. All of you have contributed to the development of our software, and for that we say thank you! Our vision of our full product line “Cinema Suite” is now closer to reality, with our 3 products now developed and available commercially. We will be offering a bundle soon where you can get the entire suite as a package together.

To see Cinema Director in action, please take a quick look at our launch video. Our main focus for the product was to make something that is very powerful, but as easy to use as possible. We want to make sure that if you are either a beginner at Unity, or an advanced developer, Cinema Director becomes a must have companion to the Unity Game Engine.

Something we wanted to also focus on, was to develop a tool that not just game developers could use, but other industries as well. If you are doing 3D training with Unity, or Filmmaking and Previsualization for Film/TV/etc. or even working on machinima movies, Cinema Director will bring immediate benefits to working with your project.

As always, we’d love to see what projects our community comes up with by using our products. Show us your work, and we will share your work on our twitter/Facebook/YouTube/Google+ feeds and always do cross promotion for your game/film/machima project. Also, keep an eye out for future contests for Cinema Director and our products on all our social media feeds.

Finally, there are a few specific thank you’s we’d like to address. These folks have made Cinema Director and all of our software possible. CMF-FMC (Canada Media Fund), OCE (Ontario Centres of Excellence), FEDDEV for believing in our vision and supporting our ideas. Sheridan College and their Undergraduate Research department for providing us with our early prototype and proof of concept. Sirt (Screen Industries Research and Training Centre) for providing our lens technology, for their vast knowledge of the game and film industry. George Brown College and their entire Game Development Program for researching future technology for Cinema Suite, Every1Games for working with us on our first official beta test event, and finally The University of Wisconsin-STOUT, who integrated our beta software into their curriculum for their latest film design/game design class semester!

Also there are many who aren’t mentioned that are smaller indie developers and larger game studios, film studios who have tested and beat up our software, and given us valuable feedback to make our products awesome :)

Want to talk? Email me – dan@cinema-suite.com

Life is good…game on!



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