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Our Software

Cinema Director

Powerful sequencing for Unity. Timeline and events management with no compromises.
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Cinema Mo-Cap

Affordable Motion Capture for Unity with Kinect. Simple animations for your characters.
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Cinema Pro-Cams

Professional film lens/camera toolkit for Unity. Cinematic visuals for your project.
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Cinema Themes

Special Effects toolkit for Unity. Add realistic mood and feel to your project.
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The Cinema Suite

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Customer Showcase

Game developers, filmmakers and students all over the world are using Cinema Suite products to create amazing content in Unity for their games, and to learn filmmaking techniques. From AAA studios to indie game developers, from beginner to advanced users, 1000s of developers depend on our products to help them develop their content quickly and easily.
Homeworld: Shipbreakers
Shift Happens
The Four Kings – Casino and Slots
A Dragon Named Coal
Erwin’s Timewarp

Our Services

Cinema Suite can help you communicate with your customers or prospects effectively through media. We provide services for creating 3D Product Animations, Virtual Reality Experiences, Corporate Videos and Professional Messaging.

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Unity Tips: The 180 Degree Rule

Director Bot is back with an all new episode of Unity Tips! In this one, we talk about a cinematic technique that is imperative in making your cutscenes seem legit, and movie like. The 180 degree rule is a guideline to follow that helps make sure your audience doesn’t become disoriented. As Director Bot points…
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Who We Are

Dan Gamsby

Technical Lead

Old School C64 enthusiast and musician, lover of classic point and click adventure, sports & Elder Scrolls games, Star Wars/Trek and LOTR.

on Twitter Dan Gamsby on Linked In

Adrian Harrington

Lead Developer

Kills zombies in his spare time, climbs rocks and buys games on Steam that he never gets time to play.

Adrian Harrington on Linked In

Mitch Theriault

Digital Media Producer

Film editor, visual effects nerd, and tech enthusiast. Spends most days experimenting with After Effects plug-ins and watching cat videos.

@mitchtheriault on Twitter Mitch Theriault on Linked In Mitch Theriault on Twitter

John Carlan

Sr. Advisor

Wanna-be gamer, sports enthusiast and stereoscopic 3D Go Pro action video producer.

Ted Lee

Sr. Advisor

Flyer of airplanes, MacGyver of electronics, avid outdoorsman, audiophile, videophile and lover of all thinks 3D, geek and tech.

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